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Who builds the roads of Roads Of Rome 5? Of course, you and no one else. No one else can not even be trusted to such a task, because the way the capital to be performed flawlessly. In addition, the period of realization of this venture into reality Caesar set is not very big. Not many have skilled craftsmen, able to cope with this kind of work. Though, game worth worth the candle, after all, paid as a result of this work a lot of money. The main thing - Have time to accomplish everything as it should. And there is already talk about the gold. What you need to build? Of course, the workers are demanding food, and without it there, anyway, can not do. The food will be the first of the most important resources. Collect it from the surrounding bushes as soon as they sprout. Another resource would be wood, which is quite logical. You can not build a road, if the material is not to create it. But this resource is also available everywhere. A little more complicated with water - a little. To obtain necessary pumping station. But as soon as this will be built, the problems with the liquid themselves somewhere evaporate. It is already possible not only to get drunk enough, but even extinguish fires. By the way, they rarely occur. Roads of Rome 3 - the construction of a great simulator, where you will have to fight the scourges including.
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