E-sport is a sport that is carried out through electronic media

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E-sport is a sport that is carried out through electronic media such as computers, consoles (such as playstation), cellphones. E-sport is a video game that has a competitive nature because players must compete in the game. E-sports have a higher level if the competition that is followed is a large-scale competition.

on an international scale. E-sports can be a place for people who like to play games, not too many people who can seek profits in playing the game. Games can also train or sharpen the brain, because it takes strategy and logic to complete the game, E-sport has also been seen in this country of Indonesia because there have been many race activities.

The first e-sport took place at Standford University on October 19, 1972, which initially took place at Standford University on October 19, 1972. At that time, the title of the game being contested was Spacewar, since that time E-sports have often been talked about and aired on television programs.

E-sports scheme finally changed in 1990, because internet technology began to penetrate the world. In Indonesia itself began to recognize E-sports in the early 2000s, when the games were contested such as Counter-Strike, Dota to Mobile Legends, which is currently famous. Large tournaments began to be contested by fighting over lucrative prizes.

Don’t look at the bad side that many people know, but look for the good side that is not known to many people. This sentence is often described for game lovers. In this day and age there are certainly many who already know and know about the game, which is very popular, especially the millennial.

Playing games is the most exciting activity in life. Moreover, once playing the game the players can forget the time for hours. Every human being must have at least played a game once in their lifetime, although sometimes games are often seen as negative. In fact there are many benefits that can be obtained when playing games.

Games will turn into something negative if played excessively. So that it can make our productivity in various things decrease. Playing games excessively can also interfere with our health. Many negative things because of excessive someone in playing games. This is what makes parents protect their children from not knowing the game world at all.

But here we will forget a bit about the negative effects of playing games because in my opinion this is very mainstream to be discussed in detail. As I said, playing games also has a positive impact on ourselves and even other people. This time I will discuss some of the benefits of gaming in our lives.

At this time many young gamers are starting to show their skills so they also create a YouTube channel so that viewers can learn from the videos they present, but building a YouTube channel is not easy. In building a youtube channel, viewers will not know who you are.

So the thing that needs to be done is that as young players who have just jumped into the world of E-Sport, we have to hone the skills we have until we have a name in the game, indeed this is not an instant thing. The thing that can be done is that we can join the existing professional team, with that we can be known to outsiders by participating in various competitions at national and international levels.